Friday, February 6, 2009

The Great Treasure hunt!

Our search for the Holy Grail, well almost that, is finally over! We have, despite landlords conspiring to the contrary, found ourselves a nice cosy apartment in South Bombay!

In course of searching for apartments, I have developed a new found respect for developers who can pass off a matchbox for a house. We saw fantastically finished apartments with swimming pools, tennis & squash courts, gyms, the works. The catch? Much like the Vitruvean man, if I stretched both my arms out, they would probably make contact with solid concrete on both sides! The trick being that you essentially live outdoors, in the pool, in the gym or at the squash courts, but never at home, lol! An ingenious way to promote a better lifestyle!

Nope, am being facetious here, but we have finally signed the lease of a nice 3 bedroom house on Napean Sea Road, which is the heart of South Bombay. Its not huge, in fact far from it, but its not small either.It dapples with sunlight and a wonderful breeze flows through every time you open the windows.

My sis-in-law is literally a stone's throw away which is comforting. So the next time, hubby and I have an argument, he won't have to walk too far!!!

The TRAI continues to deem unacceptable, my nomadic state, so my mobile number continues to be temporary till God knows when!

Son has got addmission into a school on our list and seems to be settling in well. He is something of a novelty amongst impressionable 2nd graders with his American vocabulary and mild accent and is of great curiosity value much to his amusement!

House finalised, now is the Herculean task of settling in and figuring out what to throw and what to keep, sigh! And unless you are a hoarder like me, you cannot even begin to imagine how painful the process of getting rid of things can be, lol!