Sunday, January 18, 2009

First week in Mumbai

We are settling in...its a welcome to Mumbai, the city of glitz, grime, excitement and endless opportunities....

I think 3 redolent years in Kolkatta followed byanother two in Cairo has absolutely ruined us (**grin**) for the buzz that's Mumbai! But its nice to be back in a familiar milieu, and match steps with the buzz in the air around you, the city has a pizzaz and attitude that difficult to match!

Mumbai has changed so much in the 5 years that we have been away though some things remain quitessentially Mumbai, like the ubiquitous dabba wala, the enterprising hole in the wall guy who does everything from pay your electricity bills to get you a mobile connection, shops home delivering everything under the sun, the pan chewing plain speaking Marathi bai...its fun to be back!

The first week is over though my harrowing search for apartments is not! Again, spolit for space by Cairo, it took a while for reality check to set in, but we have found a couple of apartments that we like, so inshaallah, we shall wrap up something soon!

Of course the first week was spent in complete gastronomic decadence be it a gujarati thali at Thakkers and Rajdhani, crisp hot dosas at Shiv Sagar, pani puri at Elco Arcade, bhelpuri off the roadside vendor, not to mention finally a VEG burger at McDonald (making up for 2 years of deprivation in the land of red meat, lol!)

And how can the homecoming experience be complete without good old Hindi movies...saw Ghajini, Rab neBana di Jodi in Eastman technicolour, lol, complete with the cheese nacho and hot samosa experience!

So far its been fun! Hubby has joined back work and has to drive to the suburbs for work. Am convinced the man must indeed love me to agree to stay in South Bombay and do that trek every single day!

We are well but miss Cairo and our friends tremendously....inshallah, shall make a trip to Cairo sometime this year!

The catch? Dont have mobile number as yet...correction, got one but it has been deactivated on account of my current nomadic status being deemed unacceptable by the TRAI, lol! Once they beleive that I am here for the long haul, maybe they will relent and grant me a mobile connection.....

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  1. Hi! manisha!!! hope u r well n more than that very well settled in mumbai!!! Well to begin with...i was a follower of ur blogs on egypt the day my husband decided he would take up the job in egypt!!! n i was like i know cairo even long before i landed now that we have exchanged our cities...can u help me in knowing Cairo even more better!!! to beginn with the CSA!!! i am planning to visit them in a day or two...!! But i am still by my self as a lot of indians r going back to india for a vacation n i am still into making local friends!!!So i was wondering how to entertain my 5 yr old daughter as she has nothing else to do apart from watching tv!!! thanx in advance n hope that u wud b able to help me out...n thanx for all the guidence i got from ur blog about cairo!!!