Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Festivals of India, Kalaghoda

The one thing about Mumbai that I have missed in these years that I have been away, has been the Kala Ghoda festival. It's like Mumbai's attempt to

There is something very appealing about watching street performances, hearing / watching great artists perform on an open stage set up in the middle of the road at Kala Ghoda or walking along the pavement browsing through the quixotic wares that tempt you, jostling with the crowds that throng the area....

But what I was not aware of was there is a mini festival around this time, prior to the big one in February. In fact, when we came back in Feb this year, my biggest regret was having missed the Kala Ghoda festival. So the advertisement in the paper was a really pleasant surprise.

Now I know how I am going to spend some part of my weekend!

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